Sunday, November 04, 2007

Looking back I realized that we never posted much about when Atalie was born. Let's face it, I love to talk about it and HAHA you can't stop me! So here goes! :)
Well, I had to be induced, so they scheduled us to go in at 6am and that was fine by me. I wasn't going to be sleeping much that night anyway. We packed up and were ready to go, so we called the hospital to make sure that they were ready and they told us that they had scheduled that we go in at 7. Great, an hour of twiddiling our thumbs and me asking Ben, "Are you sure I'm going to be able to do it??", "Will the IV hurt", "How long do you think it will take?" You know that part in the wedding vows that says "In sickness and in health"? Well there's my sickness (should I say one of my sicknesses...haha). I've got a knack for asking super retarded questions that Ben has no idea what the answer is.
Finally it was time to go, so we left the apartment and drove to the hospital. I was so nervous that I was super chatty with all of the nurses. Ben was too sweet and didn't even tease me about it! We got to the room and I got in my stunning hospital gown and the ride began. One of our friends told us that was like the up-hill start of a roller coaster - with every click you're more nervous and all of the sudden you're on the wildest ride of your life (too true, Nate). I got all "plugged in" to the IV and all that good stuff and then we waited, and waited. After I got my epidural (I know, I'm a wimp)I was pretty comfortable and watched "A Baby Story" for hours. (once again, poor Ben) Atalie was born at 7:56pm, after just about 12 hours of labor only 15 minutes of pushing.

God did so many amazing things that day. Of course, He gave us a beautiful, healthy baby girl, but just as He always does, he went over and above what we hoped for. My mom had bought plane tickets to come up after my due date so that she could be sure to be here to help with the baby, and not use up her limited time while I was just waiting to have her. It turned out that they scheduled me to be induced on the day that she reserved her tickets for! She ended up arriving at the hospital an hour before I delivered! Labor and Delivery was so busy that day that they were having to turn away women who were scheduled to be induced later on that day, so the nurses told me that I would probably have to share a room with another woman at least that night. :( But God was so amazing to us and blessed us, not only with a private room, but one with two beds so that Ben could stay there with me and sleep comfortably. The whole experience was amazing, and I'm looking forward to the next time! :)

I don't want to talk about the hair...

I had to post this one, she was SO tiny!! Wow, I didn't realize how much she's grown now. I know it's good, but it makes me a little sad! She's cuter every day though, so that makes up for it. ;)

Again, hate the picture of me, but she's so little and sweet! :) haha.

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J Sews said...

AWESOME!!! It brings back lots of really wonderful memories... like a BEAUTIFUL dream!! xoxoxoxo Mom