Thursday, August 21, 2008


Ooops. When summer hits and the tourist season starts we really have to keep our list of "to-do's" to a minimum, and blogging isn't the highest priority... obviously. It's been a busy summer, that's for sure. We've had so much fun with everything going on at church;

-VBS (God's Big Backyard)

-Ozark Race Days: This is like a fair that we have in our town every year, and for the second year in a row Ben has been in charge of making sure the kid's area (run by church volunteers) runs smoothly.

-Leadership Retreat

-We are starting to lead a community group (small group of young adults that meets on Sunday night) along with Dallas & Heather.

Other life happenings;
-A couple months ago we had car troubles that were going to cost us $1500, and when we went to pay the bill, we discovered that someone had already paid it! What a huge surprise that was. It was such a major blessing because we had been so excited just the week before to have finally paid off all of our credit card debt.

-We've started visiting the local farmers' market every Saturday - it is so fun, we will probably post more about this later.

Atalie's growing like a weed, and going to be one year old in 8 days. My heart hurts a little to admit that. I can't believe that it's already been a year. She's crawling everywhere, and about to start walking. She know's just how to pull at Daddy's heart strings now, too. When he's putting his shoes on for work she'll crawl and make flirty eyes at him, then follow him to the door and wave. I think it almost chokes him up every time. People at work keep reminding him that it only gets worse. Soon she'll be saying, " I go work with you, Daddy?" She's our little princess, but we do our best not to let it get to her head. :)


Lisa said...

Wow, she has grown! Give her a kiss from her Aunt Lisa and Uncle John. We love you guys and miss you.

Ruth said...

Happy Birthday to that little pumpkin. Love, Gramma