Thursday, February 02, 2012

Classroom life

Here are a few snapshots of what our classroom is like. We've made some great friends so far and are really happy to be part of such an awesome group. Some incredible things have happened to us in just the last couple of days:

An anonymous donor paid for this semester's books for us. We were shocked as this is close to $100 worth of materials. One day in class I opened my laptop to find $20 laying on the keyboard. Total amazement at peoples' generosity is pretty much our only response. Also Gina's parents made and paid for an eye doctor appointment for Gina so that she could get new contacts (her old ones were a huge cause of frustration). Thank you so much for that guys, she feels so much better now. Thank you for your incredible generosity. My (Ben's) parents have also begun giving monthly to help support our financial needs. I hope you guys know how encouraging that is to us to keep going. Okay, on to the pictures!!

In case you're trying to read the notes on my laptop (you stalker), FBT stands for Foundational Bible Teaching 

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