Sunday, March 18, 2012

Field fair

New Tribes sends missionaries to tons of countries. We just had a 'field fair' week with a few representatives from those countries, to tell us the needs and help us decide where we want to serve in New Tribes. We got a little glimpse at how much need there is for the gospel in this world!

 The Mexico presentation was sobering - among the 30 million people in Mexico city, there are indigenous groups of people that have moved out of their native lands for work. They still speak their native language and separate themselves in their own ghettos of hundreds of thousands of people. They must be reached in their own language because they don't know Spanish well enough to understand the gospel in that second language.
This is Denny, one of our small group leaders. She and her husband are so encouraging!
It's so warm and pretty outside!

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Ruth said...

Love the pictures. Lots of information presented at the Job Fair, that's clear.