Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Swimming and fishing

 Only 3 of these were actually fish I caught...but it sure looks cool!

This is what I spend most of my time doing when I fish... that's me up in the tree bending a branch down so that they can reach up to get my snagged lure. Oomps!

On the serious end of things, our semester is wrapping up quickly and we're starting to think about summer. We'd like to spend some time this summer getting involved with our church, so if you're praying for us please pray for opportunities with people there. God has been challenging both of us from the word lately, and it's pretty neat - both Gina and I seem to be burdened for people in similar areas. Gina really feels passionate about discipling parents - to teach them how they can better understand and protect their kids. I feel really burdened for churches to have an urgency in the way they approach discipleship. I feel that church leaders should be actively sought out and discipled and I want to be as involved as possible. Both of us could probably write tons about this, but I want to post here mainly about what people are interested in (which seems to be pictures). If you want to hear more about this stuff, shoot us an email or comment!

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