Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Ben and I have been busy these last few weeks with moving plans and getting everything in order. At the end of this month we're going to move up to Oklahoma (go ahead, sing the song...) where my sister and her husband live. We'll be staying there for a few months, then heading up to Wisconsin, where we plan to finish the rest of Bible School. These last few weeks have been great though. Extreme Home Makeover was in Central Florida redoing a lady's house, so we went to see what they were doing and got to meet some of the crew. I even got Ed's autograph! :) We were sick for a little bit, which obviously wasn't that great, but we're feeling fine now. This is Ben's last official week of work before the move and this weekend we're going on vacation with John and Lisa! We're both excited about all that's been happening in our lives, but with anything new, like a move, there comes stress and worry, so it's going to be awesome to get a little break in the middle of it. We would really appreciate your prayers concerning everything with the move, like safety, wisdom to know when to go up to School and a job for while we're in Oklahoma. Ben already has a job lined up for while we're there, but I'll need to find one once we get there. For now though, we're just taking it one day at a time and enjoying what time we get to spend together. Thank you for your prayers

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nglemb said...

Definitely praying for you guys in all that. Have an awsome move! Congrats on finishing up with your job Ben. ;)