Sunday, May 27, 2007

Well... I guess I'm not too good at this blogging thing seeing as my last post was over a year ago. Oops. :) A bunch of stuff has happened since then though! We DID move to Oklahoma, then we moved again... this time to Missouri. We're still there. We really love it here. We've gotten involved with an awesome church and made lots of friends through that. Our Christmas present this year was that we found out we're having a baby!! :) She (at least that's what they tell us she is, but I hear they make mistakes with that one... haha) is due in August. We're so excited for her to be here with us! We can't believe how much God has blessed us! We can't wait to see all that He has for us in the future! I'll try to be a bit better at posting from now on... ;)


John said...

Post some pictures!We love you and miss you guys. John had this holiday weekend off so we are getting rest.

J Sews said...

AWESOME to hear all your news!