Saturday, August 04, 2007

We've been busy since my last post. Last weekend was the event that Ben had been planning for weeks. Our church took over the "children's center" at a local event at the park. We had two bounce houses and a few other games, plus several different crafts for the kids to do. Ben still had to work those days so we went over on Friday morning nice 'n' early and set up the tent and all of the supplies, then did our best to get the volunteers organized and feeling like they knew what was going on, then he had to go to work. We've been needing to take a childbirth class and our last option of one to take was that Saturday, so Ben had to ask off work for that and had to set up the volunteers like the day before. It was really a challenge to try to plan something that you aren't going to be able to be there for! :) He did a great job though... as always. All of the feedback we got from the volunteers was positive, so that feels good. The childbirth class was from 8:30 in the morning till 5:00 in the evening... talk about information overload. It actually wasn't all that bad, we knew quite a bit of the stuff but it was nice to be able to ask the questions that we've had and to find out more of the specifics of this particular hospital. They also ran us through breathing/relaxation techniques, which I'm sure will come in handy. I of course had trouble not giggling through that. Go figure. That class really made it real though, not just because of the video, complete with full view of a baby crowning... oh joy, but practicing breathing, touring labor and delivery, and seeing the type of room we'll be in after she's born. I can't believe we'll be there in around 20 days! (are you in there little fetus, in 20 days will you come greet us?? haha, just for you Lisa!! love you!) Wednesday was my Dr.'s appointment. This kicks off my weekly visits. The doctor talked with us about how to know when to come in to the hospital and all that good stuff, then she checked me and I'm 1 1/2 cm dilated at 50% effaced. Could be more, but I'm glad I'm at least progressing. We'll see what happens this Wednesday, I think that will give us more of an idea how it's going.

Our anniversary is this Monday! I can't believe it's been two years! It's so weird, these two years have flown by, but at the same time it feels like we've been together forever. Everyone tells you that you'll only feel closer to each other over the years, and you think... "oh that's just a nice thing they're telling me... I couldn't love him more than this!" but it's true. All of the experiences you go through, both good and bad, just tie you together even tighter. I feel so corny but I hate doing anything without him. It's torture to have to do something away from him when it's his time off from work! I can't believe what a wonderful husband God gave me. Ben, if you read this... I love our life together, and I'm so excited to see where we are next year! I love you so much, Happy Anniversary! Oh, and your dinner is in the freezer, don't wake me up when you get home. Hahahah! I'm totally kidding... :)


J Sews said...

Hope your day is VERY special!

nglemb said...

Congratulations on your anniversary and on the up and coming baby! It really is such an awsome joy :)