Monday, July 23, 2007

Saturday I went with our church small group to Bodies the Exhibition. I know, I know... real people?? eeu! But it was actually really interesting! I'll confess, when I saw an arm peeled down to the muscle I got a bit queasy, but everything was really tastefully done. After a while... you get used to it, I guess. It was so fascinating to see all of the tiny details of every part of your body. Amazing to see how every little thing works together perfectly, it really reminded all of us of just how awesome our Creator is. They had a "fetal room" (scary sounding...) that was really neat to go through. It started off with a 4 week old fetus and by 8 weeks it was just so cool to see it's little fingers and toes even though it was so tiny. Definitely made me really excited to see our little baby, and her tiny fingers and toes. :)

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