Wednesday, July 04, 2007

dad's thoughts

Where have the last 50 days gone...

It seemed like just yesterday that we were excited for our little baby countdown to pass into double digits. Forget 100 days left, which felt like yesterday by the way. 50 days left and I hope I'm ready. Life is going to be so different so soon, and I know it's coming but it still just feels so abstract and far away because I have no idea what it's going to be like. I get to feel her kick and move very often - Gina makes sure to let me feel her whenever she is nice and active. Little things make me very excited to see her little face and be able to hold her. The other day some noise startled her and she was kicking Gina pretty hard. For some reason she calmed down when I started talking to her. This morning she was asleep and I made her start moving by saying 'wake up!' Figuring out how to be a dad is going to be ... I don't know, I hope I'm good. But I do know that she will be a very photographed baby!


Ruth said...

Hey, Ben and Gina,

I finally signed up to this blogspot, just so I could respond to your post, Ben. Ha!

You'll be a great dad - because you will love her so much.
When you hold her for the first time, it will be like you will be holding your heart in your arms. When she cries, your heart will bleed, and when she giggles, your heart will swell with joy.

Just love, and trust God with her and with you in this new job.

Love from my heart, Mom

John said...

Brendle men are great dads!