Monday, July 09, 2007

We had such a fun weekend! On Saturday morning we took pictures for a family that we met while working on our church's food drive. While we were at the donation center they noticed that Ben had a nice camera, and told us that they were having a small family reunion that they wanted to have photographed. They asked if we would, and we said yes! They were such a sweet family, and the pictures turned out awesome. Ben really has a gift for taking pictures, and I got to be his assistant (Vanna White style of course). Then on Sunday our church held a baby shower for us! I was a bit nervous going into it because I knew that I would pretty much be the center of attention, but it went so much better than I thought. I had such a good time. I never dreamt that I would have so many sweet friends that would throw a shower for me, especially after only being in the church for just under a year. Ben and I are just overwhelmed by how generous everyone was, our baby girl is definetly already spoiled rotten. :) It's so neat to get to know all of the other families in the church going through just what we're going through becoming parents. I've gotten close to many of the ladies through our pregnancies and now we're all going through the same awe and anticipation. It's nice to be going through this with so many other first time moms, we can all help each other through this! We all come from different backgrounds but now we definitely have some common ground!

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J Sews said...

I'm so glad it was a wonderful time! Don't let them spoil her too much, that's MY job! xoxo Mimi