Monday, July 02, 2007

Well Saturday was an interesting day. I thought it would be just like any other day while Ben was gone to work. The weather said that it was supposed to rain later on that day, so I decided to take Magnum for a walk. While we were outside sure enough it started to rain and I started to hear sirens. When I was in Middle School we stayed for a bit with my Grandma in Nebraska and those kind of sirens went off all the time, so I assumed that this was probably the same kind of thing... maybe a fire somewhere or something. I thought it was odd that so many of my neighbors were going with their whole familys somewhere and when they passed me gave me some pretty odd looks. Turns out they were tornado sirens... woops! I got back inside just as a second siren started to go off, so I decided to turn on the TV and see what all this was about. Apparently I was suppsed to be in a storm shelter as soon as I could. We live in an appartment so I grabbed the poochies and got in the tiny downstairs bathroom with the radio. It ended up raining pretty hard and the power went out for a while but we were all fine. The only damage that the tornado did was to a barn quite a ways away from where we're at. Still made for a day out of the ordinary, which can be nice sometimes... :)

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John said...

I am so glad you are alright.
We love you and miss you,
John,Lisa,and the boys