Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Atalie's First Christmas

Sorry it's taken us so long to post pictures, our internet has been down for a while now. We had a wonderful Christmas! Atalie got to meet her Grandpa Holt and her Grandpa and Grandma Brendle, along with her Uncle John, Aunt Lisa, Uncle Nathan, and her cousins Michael and Chris! It was so unexpected to get to go down to Florida - we had a really great time! After all of this Grandparent time she's gotten she's even more spoiled. :)

Atalie with Grandpa and Grandma Holt

Her Christmas outfit from Auntie Ashley

She fell asleep in Aunt Lisa's arms --- See Lisa, you look gorgeous in this picture!

Grandpa Brendle showed her all around their back yard - the tree house, the swing, and even his woodshop... with all the tools to make a dollhouse :D

And Grandma Brendle showed her all of the beautiful pink flowers in her garden... We're glad she has Grandma to teach her how to garden because I have a brown thumb... to say the least!

And aren't the leg warmers from Grandma Holt just TOO cute!!


Ruth said...

Darling pictures - Darling baby! Glad your internet is working so you could post. Love, Mom

J Sews said...

AWESOME!!! What fun to see pictures of your WHOLE Christmas! I have my SPECIAL FACE on!!!
xoxoxo (one for each of you!)

aliann said...

Beautiful pictures! It was good to see you while you were in Florida, even if it was only so briefly.
Glad to here Atalie's first Christmas was wonderful - and just wait - they get better!

nglemb said...

That Christmas outfit is awesome! Wow, its amazing how fast she's growing.