Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Moody weather

So yesterday morning we woke up (under 3 layers of blankets), and the house was blazing hot. Inexplicably we had a hot summer day - complete with humidity, sunshine, and warm breeze. We had to crank on the a/c in the car for the first time in months, and also got to leave the jackets at home. We even discovered what Atalie looks like without socks on! :) Well, this morning we were treated to an icy wind when we stepped outside. Throwing on our light jackets, we didn't realize the full extent of the cold until we reached our completely iced over car. With all our mightiest tugging, we only managed to get one of the four doors open (the back passenger). After scraping the windows in a few key places, in I went, scrambling over the middle console into the driver's seat. Gina, seeing my maneuvers decided to stay next to the baby in the back. Just a little unexpected to go from 75 to 20 in one day.

Anyway just to keep up with the tradition of posting Atalie pictures all over the place, (why stop now?) here's a new one.

And I can't resist posting this one.


Ben and Gina said...

Ben posted that picture without permission!! shame shame... haha just kidding. :) Gotta love the mommy hair... ick!

J Sews said...

OH you've GOTTA keep posting pictures, they are sooooooo awesome! It looks like she's just reading along with you!
xoxoxo Mom

Angela Mitchell said...

she is a she is growing a ton!!!

TamaraFlutterby said...

Ah, Gina, you need to come back to me! I miss you!! Any more news on your plans? I just agreed to stay at the BI another year. Pretty exciting. :)