Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ice Storm part II

Day three, and the sun finally made an appearance. Yesterday was more snow, sleet, and ice - I finally decided to use a hammer on the car to break the ice off - it worked! We think it was coated all around with about a 3/4" thick sheet. Anyway this morning seeing the sun I knew this was my chance to get outside and get good pictures, and I'm glad I did, because as I'm writing this most of the good photo ops have melted off.

This little bird visited our balcony yesterday. We have a bird feeder set up and he's our first visitor.

We took a trip down to Branson this morning. When we got back, all of this ice was gone.

When we tried to move the car, we heard a terrible scraping sound underneath. I pulled this solid ice boulder out from under the front bumper!
Atalie loves snoozing on car rides, she didn't even notice the hat.


J Sews said...

AWESOME pics (especially of Atalie ;)
saw you're famous too... now you're a published photographer!!! CONGRATS!

nglemb said...

Those are some great pictures! All that ice has to suck, but it sure is beautiful!

Ben and Gina said...

Definitely, it was destructive but too beautiful. I had tons of fun taking those pictures!