Monday, February 11, 2008

The Ice Storm cometh

It's here, the craziest weather of all ... the annual ice storm. Last year I didn't think I would ever see so much ice, covering everything. But it's back and better than ever, on everything you can imagine. Even blades of grass get a nice coating. I tried to get in the car at about noon to make a supply run to walmart. Using the business end of a spatula I fought past the layer covering the door handle, and with a few good tugs I was in. At this point I realized the extent of the ice problem - 0% visibility. All windows covered ... luckily I keep my handy ice scraper in here, right? It might as well have been a toothpick. After 20 minutes of scraping, here are the glorious results:

Oh yeah, and my ice scraper broke. So I guess we're walking for a while. :)


J Sews said...

Hope that nothing on your Walmart was URGENT!!! Wow, that is really something! It is WARM down here, come on DOWN!!!!

J Sews said...

oops, you need to send that first pic to the local TV station's weather pics, that's a GOOD one!

Ruth said...

I agree with J Sews! Beautiful picture. If I asked my photography class what composition it was, they would say "Steelyard." Yes! Boys in my class tend to love the steelyard composition, but so few find a really good one. Do you remember that class, Ben? :)

Hope the ice doesn't take your electricity away.

Love, Mom

Darla said...

Might I suggest getting a heavy piece of tarp and shutting each end in the front doors to cover the windshield. Also they sell cans of spray for icy windows and the stuff really works. Trust me on this I lived in Indiana and Connecticut most of my life I know ice. You guys should just move to our area of Tennessee we do not have those problems and you can work for Dixie Stampede or Dollywood here.

Ben and Gina said...

heh, we thought of the tarp thing after the windshield was already iced thinking eh?

Mom I'm glad you like the pictures :) It's fun to have something so beautiful around to snap photos of.