Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Spring happenings

We've had a busy few weeks, made tougher by all of us being sick one at a time. I (Ben) got sick with some sort of flu/respiratory infection thing around mid-march, and it took me about a week to get over it. While I was sick with that, we had an awesome opportunity to head up to Nebraska for a few days to see Gina's grandma (She has never met me or Atalie). Gina's dad was making a trip up there at the same time so it worked out great to get to see him too. We had a great time, but the car ride was long! The day we left we drove through torrential downpours for 7 of the 9 hours of the trip ...exhausting! The trip back was a lot easier, nice & sunny. Atalie did awesome in her car seat the whole time - towards the end she was a little sick of car rides but by now it doesn't seem like she was traumatized for life :)

Work at Dixie has been picking up. The first months of the tourist season are always slow but it has at least been somewhat of an income, compared to none in January & February.

We have been definitely kept busy by Atalie, she is growing like a weed lately, and she does something new every couple of days. We think she is getting really close to crawling...she sits up on her own and does this scooting motion, and sometimes when she's reaching for something she'll lean forward so far that she ends up on her hands & knees... we love it.

Now Gina's the one who's recovering from the flu/lung cough thing. There are no more of us left who can catch it, so hopefully this means it's going away for good.


Jason said...

Every time you blink kiddos get bigger. :) Enjoy this time. :)

J Sews said...

So GLAD you're all on the mend!!! And hope Atalie sooooon gets those teeth that are giving her such a hard time!
xoxoxo Mom