Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Snow day

Today we enjoyed a cozy day at home thanks to Snowmageddon. The weather predictions varied, and I'm not even sure how much snow we've even gotten, but it's more than enough to hunker down and have a day of snuggling and baking. The only venturing out that was done was to the mailbox and to take the trash out... both done by my sweet husband. This picture is from our front door. We have three steps up to the front door and that thing you see poking up out of the snow is a 2ft planter.

All in all it was a very productive day -  Ben got a lot of important things done on his computer (and some fun things too), the girls had fun playing and watching the snow and birds,

laundry soap is made, two loaves of bread are baked ...

And the grains for Breakfast Cookies are soaking for tomorrow morning.

All in all a very good day. Maybe I'd get more done if every day was a snow day? Sounds good to me...

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