Monday, April 11, 2011


Well, we've been accepted to return to NTBI this August! Ben only has a semester left and I have two. We're excited, but I've been stressing a little bit more now that it's getting more "real". I'm not the best blogger... *ech-hem* obviously, and I just finished writing an e-mail to a sweet friend so I figured I'd just copy and paste it in here. That way you can see a little bit of what's going on in my crazy brain. Please ignore the insane amounts of rambling. And the lack of any pictures. Which, let's face it... is all any of you want to see. :)

Can I vent to you? By "vent" I don't mean gossip about horrible things in my life... more like... spill a bunch of stuff that I've been struggling with in the form of "word vomit". If you're saying no... How are you? I miss you. Love, Gina. No need to read further... :) If you said yes. Good. Here goes. 

Sooo... we ARE going to be at NTBI in August! YAY! Sort of. Which is where the word vomit comes in. I didn't realize that I'm this much of a control freak, but I'm stressing out about all of the "unknowns". How will I bathe the girls since we not only don't have a bathroom in our apartment, but we don't have a sink either? When one has to poo, do they just abandon their children in their apartment? or take them with on a grand trip to the loo? Will I be able to handle leaving my girls for three WHOLE hours every morning (note the sarcasm - making fun of myself)? Will I be able to handle the school work, mommy/wife-ing, homework, ben being really busy? Are we staying the full year so that I can finish (even though I'm just taking the wife courses?) or are we only staying till Ben finishes? ... anyway you get the drift. Control freak! Holy cow! All of those things.. ALL of those things will work out in some way or another once we get there! I guess I just like to feel like I have things figured out. Don't even get me started on post-Bible School "planning". :) Did you go through anything like this? am I a total freak? (don't answer that... I know I am.) I want to be Mrs. I'm-so-stinking-excited-I-don't-ever-worry, but that doesn't seem to be happening. A year ago when I pictured us about to go back to Bible School I was always so excited!! What's happened to me?? I've turned into... dun-dun-duuuuuunnnnn... a mom. Anyway, I could vent for a very long time, but you're a busy lady. I HONESTLY - no fake excitement laced with dread - honestly can't WAIT to see you and your sweet family! :) 
Love you!!! 

HAHA just kidding...

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J Sews said...

I ENJOY reading your blog, even without pictures! PRAYING for you sweetie, and NO answers here. Read something neat (for ME and my needs)... "Don't dis-trust the Lord." For me it put a whole new meaning to my feelings/emotions/thought processes. Love you! <3