Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Bestest Friends

We have such awesome people looking out for us and I just wanted to make a whole post bragging on them! Thank you, we are blown away!!

Some dear friends gave the girls Rosepetal Cottage and just about everything you could dream of to go with it! They are loving it and are pretty much inseparable from it. I have another picture of our entire living room full of all the bags of stuff you guys gave us for the new little guy too. We can't believe how generous you are.

Pajama Cottage Snacktime

Our amazing community group friends put this together as a surprise for us! Totally unexpected! You guys really know Gina, she's a sucker for all that lotion and sweet-smelling pampering stuff. Plus, STARBUCKS!! YUMM!!

Thank you everyone, you are a major encouragement in an uncertain time. You've helped us understand God's great love for us just a little bit more.

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