Wednesday, March 05, 2008

6 month shots

We can't believe that Atalie is 6 months old already. She went in on Wednesday to get her immunizations and she always HATES the shots. We always feel bad for her so we went to Target to buy a little toy to cheer her up. While we were there we saw about a gajillion little tiny babies! When did Atalie grow?? We both still look at her as a newborn, it's so weird to realize that somehow in the last 6 months she has gotten so huge!
At the pediatrician we found out that she's old enough to start learning how to eat little 'puffs.' They are like little cereal bits that dissolve almost as soon as you put them in your mouth, so she's figuring out how to use her hands to grab things and put them in her mouth ... it's so cute!


nglemb said...

I know the feeling. Since you're with them all the time you just don't see them changing as much as they really are. Coen just started walking and we realized that we have to call him a toddler instead of a baby now. :)

Day by Day said...

I love the pictures. Give her a kiss from her aunt Lisa.

J Sews said...

SOOOO cute, I clicked the top picture and can't believe how beautiful her big eyes are!!! Such precious pictures, THANKS!!!!
After she gets her kisses from Aunt Lisa, give her some from me too! xoxoxo Gramma