Sunday, March 09, 2008

She can sit by herself!

Atalie has been getting really close to being able to do this for weeks now, but she has just been a little off in the balance department. Gina heard from a friend that a little bit of playtime in a laundry basket can help them to put the pieces in place. We tried it, and she loved it because she had easy access to a pile of toys that were always in reach. Now, after about two or three days in the basket, she has totally mastered sitting up on her own! We obviously hover very close by in case she does pitch herself backwards, but she goes for stretches of about 20 minutes with no problem! We are so happy!! I think she feels like she's accomplished something too :)


Ruth said...

The pictures aren't showing.

Love all that progress that babies make - so fast. Glad she had a Happy Half Birthday, and glad you are both so in love with her. Love, Mom

Ben and Gina said...

Hah, sorry about the pictures. I think I finally got it fixed - Google kept giving me errors.

J Sews said...

We checked the pics this morning, so were delighted to see our little princess this afternoon. WOW does she look happy being able to sit up and play with her toys! Big hugs to you ALL!

Darla said...