Friday, March 07, 2008

What is this blog about?

So we just realized that being part of the newly formed LPBF (LifePoint Blogging Family), our blog posts show up on the main LifePoint website. Sorry to all of you who logged on over there wanting to find out about doctrine or something, & suddenly you're reading about Atalie's poop, haha. :) Anyway, I thought it might be nice for any hapless visitor to know what kind of stuff we post here, so here goes. The basics you should know:

1. We've only been doing the blog thing for about a year, and at first we used it mainly as family updates for friends & family that weren't directly nearby. We still occasionally post updates about what's going on with us, but as many of you know, about 6 months ago (at the time of this writing) we added a member of the Brendle family, thus basic thing you should know #2:

2. Atalie. We have loved every minute of being Atalie's parents and we just can't help it when she does something new. I think we have recently reached the bazillionth baby picture milestone on the computer and there's no stopping. Anyway the point is I hope we don't look like obsessive "you must look at all my baby pictures" people, but here's the simple reason for all the baby posts - it's easy! I mean, when you don't feel like coming up with a bunch of things to write about, she's an easy target...just snap a picture or twenty and voila! (viola? waalaah?) A blog post.

3. Photography. Both of us are pretty creative people, I (Ben) am the computer nerd so I love image editing and all the digital fun stuff, and Gina has shown me an artsy side that just blows me away sometimes. This most commonly manifests itself in pictures... oh do we love to take pictures. Sometimes we will post either about photography, or just with a bunch of pictures that we think are fun.

4. Actual meaningful thoughts. Yes this is fourth in the list because, let's face it...putting thought into what we write takes time, and time is something that we usually tend to spend on other stuff, leaving the poor blog to sit for days or weeks on end untouched. This is a trend that I would like to stop, because I'm beginning to find the value in writing down thoughts daily, however it's anyone's guess what will really happen. For now, you may occasionally find some insight into our brains.

5. Who writes each post? Well this is a good question. We are terrible about identifying who in the heck is writing. Will we get better? Doubt it. We each have pretty identifiable writing styles I think, so if you want, we challenge you to figure out who wrote what. Who posts the most? I'd say that we probably split the posting 50/50, but we tend to run it past each other for proofreading and 'should I post this?' type editing.

Hope that was helpful :) Hooray LifePoint!


J Sews said...

Would a second blog help... we LOVE seeing pictures and hearing about everyday life! xoxoxo

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